The effectiveness extintora of the water nebulizada is based on the high   pulverization of the used  water, what  optimizes  the cooling   effects,   attenuation  of the radiant heat and displacement of the  oxygen in the base of the fire.

The high speed of the drops compensates its small mass when evaluating its  quantity  of movement,  parameter  that  characterizes the capacity of penetration of the drop in the feather of hot gases that you/they produce the flames, and  it guarantees  that the water won't be displaced of the environment of the fire. The particles will create, in suspension in the environment of the fire, a humid   and dense fog that wraps it impeding their expansion first, reducing  the size of the flame, and turning off it then.            The dimness that originates the fog in the environment  of  the  fire  attenuates  the  quantity  of  radiated heat in turn.

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